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I have been a boxing fan for over 35 years, since my days of reading boxing magazines from the shelves of the newsagents where I was a paperboy.

I had a brief flirtation with the world of big time professional boxing while I was completing my journalism degree. During the summer holiday of 1994, Kellie Maloney offered me the chance of some work experience in their office during the build up to Lennox Lewis's world heavyweight title fight against Oliver McCall. I spent most of my time there star struck, but it was an experience I'll never forget.

Ultimately, my career took me in a very different direction until a couple of years ago a burst of mid-life creativity led me back to writing. I have subsequently had articles published in Boxing News, as well as several websites. These articles can be found elsewhere in this website.

Last year I completed the manuscript for my first book. I hope to find a publisher for it in the near future.

My love for contemporary boxing may have waned, or maybe it's just the natural progression to becoming more of a grumpy old man. However, the richness of the history of the sport continues to fascinate and thrill me. I could read and write for many years without even scratching the surface. Far better writers than me have been my inspiration, but I'll just keep going while I enjoy it. 

I hope you enjoy what you find here.

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