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Below are links to all my previously published articles.

A last hurrah for Don King. Sort of. Click here.

Remembering Gene Tunney. Click here.

Remembering Big John Tate. Click here.

Sugar Ray Robinson's incredible 1951. Click here.

The original Benn-Eubank rivalry was one worth celebrating. Click here.

What Anthony Joshua could learn from Ron Lyle. Click here.

Looking back on Duran's last great performance. Click here.

The up and down battles of the Patterson-Johansson trilogy. Click here.

Frazier-Liston: The fight that never was. Click here.

Rocky's rematches. Click here.

How Daniel Zaragoza can make you feel better. Click here.

The strange tale of Joe Louis and Johnny Davis. Click here.

Liston-Patterson 2. Why? Click here.

When Henry Armstrong fought in the UK. Click here.

Liston-Wepner - The fight that cost Sonny his life? Click here.

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