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Book update!

Today I have heard from my publisher, McFarland, that my book about the 1980s heavyweight division is now available to pre-order directly from their website and also from Amazon in the UK. This is the first book I have written and it is so exciting to see it coming closer to reality!





















Mike Weaver vs John Tate fight interview

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jamie Rebner about the Tate-Weaver, WBA heavyweight title fight from 1980. Jamie is a great guy and a superb writer. We had a lot of fun. you can listen to our conversation about the fight here.

Book update!

I have some very exciting news regarding my book about the 1980s heavyweight division. I have now signed a contract with a publisher!

We are a long way yet from having a release date but I will, of course, continue to give updates as I have them. I have put a lot of work into the book, so I am absolutely overjoyed to be working with McFarland to be able to see it become a real thing and not just a document on my laptop!

Coming Soon!

I have recently completed writing a book about the heavyweight division in the 1980s. The book covers every world heavyweight title fight across the decade, from the early days of Larry Holmes's reign through to Mike Tyson's final successful defence. 

The 1980s is often a maligned era in the heavyweight division, but there was no shortage of great characters and storylines. As the decade began, Larry Holmes was trying to escape the shadow of Muhammad Ali. Then there was the showdown with Gerry Cooney, a great fight marred by the black/white angle. While Holmes defended his WBC title through the first part of the decade, the WBA title changed hands with incredible regularity, with guys like Michael Dokes, Mike Weaver and Tony Tubbs briefly taking centre stage.

Despite frequent talk of retirement, Holmes could not resist the lure of trying to break Rocky Marciano's record of 49-0. Michael Spinks came up from light-heavyweight to try and spoil those plans.

The second half of the decade is dominated by the HBO unification series and the meteoric rise of Mike Tyson. It seemed for a while that no one could stop him.

Adulation and Immortality: Heavyweight Boxing In The 1980s tells all these stories and more.

I'll post updates when I have them...

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